We produce over 800 unique sample iris buttons which represent every possible human eye color and structure combination. In addition, parts of any iris on our boards may be chosen to make a custom iris instruction that we can send to an ocularist, giving them an easily reproducible iris everytime.

prosthetic eye irises board

Each iris has a dash number which corresponds to its value in steps of 5 points of lightness.

Iris Lightness
A range of irises from- L5 to -5

In order to make a custom iris, the diameter of the iris may be calculated using an object with a known diameter, such as a coin for example that is held on the same plane as the patient’s iris.

For example, a US dime is 17.91 mm in diameter which would represent the variable b in this equation.

Ocularist Patient Instruction

In your iris instruction, components of any iris can be used with another, such as the collarette color from B4371-5 or the limbus color from Br2243-7. In addition, slight color adjustments, lightness, and fine structure may also be specified, preferably in conjunction with a target iris color.

Packing your digital iris in sclera
Packing your digital iris button in sclera

This video shows how to turn down your iris button and how to achieve a soft or sharp limbal blend.

Digital Iris buttons may now be ordered through our website: irisesunlimited.com We also accept orders via fax using our order forms: 1(818)-758-1786